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Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are damages that occur to the child during pregnancy, labor and delivery. The birthing process, although a part of the natural life cycle, is complicated and medical personnel must be vigilant and do their jobs properly to prevent harm to you or your baby. Injuries at birth are malpractice when the doctor causes an injury or worsens the effects of a naturally occurring injury by acting in a manner not consistent with established medical practices. Birth injuries are rare, occurring in roughly 27 out of every 1,000 births, but the result can be devastating with life-long consequences.

Mechanical trauma and oxygen deprivation (anoxic trauma) are the two major causes of birth injuries. A physical force applied to your child’s body, including excessive force during delivery, causes mechanical trauma. Distress caused by misjudging a baby’s weight (resulting in a turbulent birth) and misuse of forceps or vacuum during delivery are also causes of mechanical trauma.

Oxygen deprivation injuries result when the infant’s supply of oxygen to the brain is reduced, which can cause brain damage. This can occur in all stages of pregnancy, although the most risk is present during delivery. The treating physician has a responsibility to monitor a child during birth to ensure that it is properly oxygenated, and to take immediate action to correct any potential problems.

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