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Large vehicles like commercial delivery trucks are very commonly seen in highways and even busy city streets all across America, serving all sorts of purposes for all sorts of businesses. The frightening thing about large trucks is that their size indicates a greater destructive potential in case of collisions, and the fact that they are so abundant in the nation’s roads makes the risk of occurrence for trucking accidents higher.

Although the trucking industry has been successful in its efforts in enforcing regulations to make trucks safer and less prone to accidents, truck accidents are still a pretty big issue today. The enhanced safety regulations have lowered truck accident fatalities from over 5000 deaths in 2002-2004 down to just over 4000 casualties in 2008, but that’s still a worryingly huge number.

Furthermore, because truck accidents can involve not only simple collisions but also flammable cargo spills leading to open flames, the dangers and injuries associated with truck accidents are often doubled when compared with those in car wrecks. This makes truck accidents one of the deadliest types of accidents that occur on the road.

Multiple factors may contribute to a truck accident, but it often comes down to either driver error or vehicle defect, or sometimes a combination of the two. Drivers operating large trucks under the influence of alcohol or drugs also account for a significant percentage of crashes.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you could be entitled to compensation for personal injuries. Depending on the exact nature of the circumstances, that is to say, where the culpability lies, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the liable party. This may be the commercial truck company or the driver of the truck, or whoever was responsible for the crash.

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