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Wright Hip Implant Lawsuit

A rising number of patients are reporting various problems with defective Wright Profemur-Z hip implants. If you or a loved one has been experiencing the same problems and you decide to file a Wright hip implant lawsuit, the Alexander Law Firm can provide you with legal advice and representation.

The Profemur-Z modular hip system is a hip replacement system manufactured by Wright Medical Technology, Inc. It consists of three separate pieces: a femoral head, a modular neck, and a femoral stem. These three components are designed to be fitted together during surgery, while being implanted into the patient’s hip. Before 2009, the Profemur-Z hip system had been designed to include a modular neck adapter and stem made from titanium. These were implanted into over 10,000 patients across America during each of their hip replacement surgeries.

The Profemur-Z hip implant was originally publicized by its manufacturers as more durable than other artificial hip implants. Wright Medical also claimed that the Profemur-Z was especially suited for persons with active lifestyles. However, according to numerous lawsuits filed by the patients who received the device, the titanium components of the Profemur-Z hip system are faulty and have caused them a number of injuries. The alleged defects include premature degradation and fracture of the implant.

In addition, the hip implant lawsuits against Wright Medical claim that despite already being aware that the Profemur-Z was potentially unsafe, Wright continued to manufacture, market, and distribute their defective product. Claimants further allege that even when Wright Medical first began promoting the Profemur-Z with the titanium neck in 2000, they already knew that its titanium parts would place patients at risk of fractures and implant failure, especially in heavy persons and in people who lead highly active lifestyles.

The Australian Joint Registry reported in 2009 that the Profemur-Z hip implant was linked to an 11.2% failure rate within only three years of implantation. In contrast, the Profemur-Z was designed to last 15 years, at the least, before presenting with signs of implant degradation.

The law protects the individual’s right to receive compensation for injuries suffered from defective medical devices that fail to perform their advertised functions. This means that patients who have undergone revision surgeries to replace the faulty Profemur-Z are entitled to claims for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

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