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Yaz Injury Lawsuits

Yaz is an oral contraceptive pill which contains a combination of the synthetic hormones drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. It prevents pregnancy by interfering with ovulation. Furthermore, it alters the lining of the cervix and the uterus to make conditions difficult for sperm to reach the uterus and also for a fertilized egg to latch on to the uterine wall. Yaz also treats moderate acne, but it can only be used by women at least 14 years old who have already started menstruating.

In 2008, the FDA issued a warning letter to Yaz manufacturer, Bayer, because of its TV ads for the contraceptive. These commercials exaggerated the benefits of Yaz and played down its health risks. In the end, Bayer had to air new advertisements to make the approved uses of Yaz clearer to the public, invalidating earlier ads that promoted Yaz for uses that the FDA had not approved it for.

More than 12,000 Yaz lawsuits have already been filed against Bayer as of August 2012. These have cost the company $402.6 million in settlements. A total of 1,977 cases have been settled so far, which vary in terms of claims and allegations. Some of the common charges in Yaz lawsuits are that:

  • Even after information surfaced revealing the potentially fatal risks associated with the use of Yaz, Bayer failed to issue a recall of the product.
  • Their research into the long-term effects of Yaz on the health of users was not adequate to uphold the safety of consumers.
  • To trick consumers that Yaz was completely safe, they evaded addressing the adverse effects of the contraceptive and continued to promote it for uses not approved by the FDA.

Yaz has been found to cause a number of side effects, including the formation of dangerous blood clots which can clog up blood vessels and cause stroke or heart attack. It can also raise potassium levels, which can be fatal when very high. These are only a few of the risks that Bayer was lax in warning the public about.

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