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LASIK Eye Injury

A malpractice claim for a LASIK eye procedure must overcome the informed consent document that most doctors require their patients to sign prior to undergoing the procedure. An informed consent document may describe some of the complications and risks of the procedure and indicate that by signing the document the patient relieves from liability the surgeon, any attending nurses or staff, and the clinic in which the surgeon performed the procedure in case of a complication that results in injury. While an informed consent document does not necessarily bar a patient from raising a claim against a negligent surgeon, the patient should provide his or her lawyer with all the information available about the informed consent document, including a copy of the document, if available, as well as the circumstances under which the patient signed the document (i.e. was the patient given time to thoroughly read the document, did the doctor or other staff member go through the document with the patient and answer questions the patient might have had, etc?). Such information may prove crucial to a lawyer’s ability to develop a case in the face of an informed consent document.

Because LASIK surgery is a recent medical development, no long-term outcome statistics exist for the procedure. Complications resulting from LASIK occur in approximately 1.5 to 5 percent of all patients. While doctor error may not account for all LASIK surgery complications it is important to evaluate the specific circumstances to determine if malpractice contributed to an injury.

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