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Burn/Scar Injuries

Each year in the United States approximately two million people are burned or scolded badly enough to need medical treatment. Approximately 68,000 require admission to a hospital. Burn injuries are most common in children and the elderly.

The skin is a living tissue and even brief exposure to heat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit can damage its cells.

First-degree burns cause reddening of the skin and affect only the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin. Such burns heal quickly, but the damaged skin may peel away after a day or two. An example of a first-degree burn is sunburn.

Second-degree burns damage the skin more deeply, causing blisters. However, some of the dermis, which is a deeper layer of skin, is left to recover, and these burns usually heal without scarring unless they are very extensive. Extensive second-degree burns require skin grafting early in the treatment to minimize scarring.

Third-degree burns destroy the full skin thickness. The affected area will look white or charred and if the burn is very deep, muscles or bones may be exposed. These burns require special treatment and skin grafts to prevent scarring. Third-degree burns always require skin grafting if scarring is to be avoided. Very extensive burns usually require repeated surgical procedures by a plastic surgeon. Hospital stays can vary from a few days to many weeks or months.

Electrical Burns can cause severe, extensive damage with minimal external skin damage.

Any mark left on damaged tissue after it has healed is a scar. Scar tissue forms not only on the skin but also on all internal wounds, for example after a muscle tear.

A hypertrophic scar is a large, unsightly scar that may develop at the site of a wound. A keloid scar is a large, irregularly shaped scar that continues to grow in size as the body continues to produce extra collagen after a wound has healed.

Adhesions are areas of scar tissue that form between unconnected parts of internal organs.

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