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Head Injuries

Accidents involving the head usually result in severe injuries and sometimes death. Head injuries are sometimes very difficult to diagnose and should be watched closely. A blow may severely shake the brain, sometimes causing brain damage, even when there are no signs of external injury, which is a closed head injury.

If the head injury is mild, there may be no symptoms other than a slight headache. In some cases there is a concussion, which may cause confusion, dizziness, and blurred vision, sometimes persisting for several days. More severe head injuries, particularly blows to the head, may result in unconsciousness that lasts longer than a few minutes, or coma, which may be fatal. After severe brain injury the person may have some muscular weakness or paralysis and loss of sensation.

Symptoms such as persistent vomiting, pupils of unequal size, double vision, or a deteriorating level of consciousness suggest progressive brain damage. These symptoms may begin immediately after the injury or after apparent recovery.

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